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Chiropractic and Allergies

Chiropractic care is a natural way of healing and relieving neck and back pain. It doesn’t require drugs or any surgery to help alleviate the patient’s pain. There are a lot of health benefits that a person can get from seeking chiropractic help. One of these benefits is allergy relief. Chiropractic care, although it’s associated neck and back problems, it helps in relieving other body weaknesses. If our immune system is healthy, it will help prevent and fight diseases and infection. Our immune system also fights foreign bodies such as pollutants, dust and dirt from making us sick. Recent studies show that there is a link between the nervous system and immune system. Chiropractors remove nerve interference and allow the immune system to function optimally.
If the immune system doesn’t operate well it fails to recognize and remove abnormal cells, inability to fight infections, overreact to simple things such as penicillin, certain foods and pollen which can cause allergies.
Allergic rea…

Chiropractic Care in Children: Is It Safe?

Chiropractic care is a natural way to a person’s neck or back pain. This treatment doesn't use surgeries or drugs but it can work hand in hand with medical treatments to further treat a patient’s condition. Some people think that chiropractic care is for adults only. Millions of parents seek chiropractic care for their children who have ear infection, colds, sinus, poor posture and even behavioral problems.
Chiropractic care is becoming common for children. But some parents are still worried if chiropractic care is safe for their children. The procedure is based on the same procedure whether the patient is an adult or a child/baby. A chiropractor doesn’t adjust a child or a baby’s spine because it is very supple and delicate. Studies show that children respond really well to chiropractic care than adults do. Chiropractic treatment on children reported improvement such as sleep improvement, immune function and patient mood.
Weekly visits in chiropractic clinic made chiropractic as on…

6 Yoga Poses to Help Soothe Neck and Back Pain

Yoga is spiritual discipline that includes breathing control, meditation and body postures that is most used for health and relaxation. Yoga also helps a lot of people to lose weight and just feel good about them. It has been proven that yoga not only relaxes the body, it also helps people to relieve body pains such as back pain and neck pain. Yoga improves alignment, reduces stress and supports your holistic health.
What can be the causes for neck and back pain? Mental stress, improper posture, non-functioning work outs and improper breathing are just some of the cause for you to have neck and back pain. You can try out these yoga poses to help you relieve your neck pain and back pain.
8 Point Shoulder Opener

Lie down on your tummy and reach your right arm for about 90 degrees from your body. Your palm needs to face up and use your left hand under your shoulder to press away. You can bend your left knee and reach your left toes behind your right knee if rolling feels good.
Standing Mount…

Deconditioned: Do You Need Chiropractic Care?

Are you starting to experience decreased joint movement, muscle wastage (decreased muscular strength and endurance), decreasing core strength, reduced cardiovascular fitness, stiffness of ligaments and joints, reduced metabolic activity, increased susceptibility to sprains, strains and muscle spasms, poor bone quality, poorer balance and greater susceptibility to falls and accidents, and move towards Metabolic Syndrome (Diabetes and Heart Disease)? It is possible that you are deconditioned.
Most of the patients complaining about these symptoms and have spent so much time and money trying to figure out what exactly is wrong with them seem foreign to this condition.
This condition happens due to the inconsistency of an active lifestyle, putting our body into a deconditioned state. This condition is not exclusive to elderly people, even teenagers may experience this if their lives revolve around junk food, social media, couch and kitchen.
Not being able to snap out of this kind of lifest…

Singapore’s Affordable Chiropractors with the Best Healthcare

One of the leading Health cares in Singapore today gives very good options to the public. First, it’s the option of having a total and proper remedy for any sickness. Now, the efficacy of the treatment is widely-introduced throughout the country. After some years of operation, a rapid growth of numbers of people was seen by the government. It was the time the Government of Singapore approved Chiropractic as an alternative health care in the country.

What kind of healthcare is Chiropractic? It’s an alternativehealthcare connected with the healing of back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain or any discomfort related to the nervous system. Chiropractic is a non-invasive and a drug free treatment; it uses hands-on manipulation as the mainframe of the cure. The Chiropractic treatment focuses on nervous and musculoskeletal system of the body. Newly born baby, pregnant woman and elderly were also suggested to have the treatment. Chiropractic treatment also prevents chronic pain in time to come tha…

How Much Do You Know About Correct Posture?

Most people think, unless they get into an accident or has an inborn condition, their backs will be fine. What most people don’t realize is that even the tiniest movement that we do every day contributes to whether it’s in good condition or not.
Practicing proper posture all the time will prevent early degeneration of your back, even your chiropractor will tell you that, not just your strict grandmother. Although, back pains will somehow creep up on you when you weren’t paying attention. There are solutions to relieve you from the pain like the following:
Heat Application—this will relaxes the tensed muscles but causes inflammation.
Ice Application—while this lessens the inflammation, it can, however, make the muscles stiff. To get the best result of these two, alternating the use of them would be better. Aside from that, there are ways to prevent back problems when sleeping, getting out of bed, lifting, standing, sitting, bending, doing daily chores or writing on a flat surface by doing …

Back Pain Facts you might NOT know!

Back pain is no doubt annoying and disturbing. Simply knowing the fact that 80% of us are likely to suffer from this in our lifetime is frustrating already, how much more when you already have it? 
There may not be a way to be immune from this but there are still some precautions that you can do to avoid suffering from it. Moreover, knowing what increases the chances of having it could help you think of a way to do something about it early on. 


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Can chiropractors help reverse diabetes?

Increasingly, number of diabetic patients are escalating that’s why researchers are even looking up on the possibility of chiropractic care as a treatment for it.
Apparently there are research evidences that chiropractic has played part on the wellness protocol of diabetic patients. Diabetes, being the fifth deadliest in US and a growing epidemic worldwide, is more than enough reason to cling to even a little hope that chiropractic might help.
Seeing the connection between diabetes and chiropractic may be a little difficult. But if you try to look through the eyes of an electrician, it’ll easier to understand. Malfunctions or short circuits may occur if the flow of current through the wires of appliances or areas of the house is interfered.
Likewise, disturbed nerve supply from the upper neck or middle back causes health problems. The ability of pancreas to produce enzymes to digest proteins, fats and carbohydrates, or insulin production, or both can suffer. As a result, diabetes or hy…

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Kids Back Pain

When a kid complains about something, sometimes we simply brush it off thinking the kid is simply seeking attention/trying to ask for something/over reacting. However, when it’s backache, we shouldn't take it so lightly. Just think of the growing number of children suffering from scoliosis (a medical condition wherein there’s a curve from side to side in a person’s spine) until their teenage and adult years just because their condition wasn’t taken care of early on.
What happens then is that, the minor misalignment in the pliable spine of a child develops into a curvatures that leads to serious spinal problems in the future.
Scoliosis Development

First: The normal front to back arches in the spine fails to develop, that results to spinal disc carrying unusual weight.
Second: It develops into subluxation wherein the center of some disc leans to one side, and the vertebra to the other. As a reaction to this misalignment, the spine shifts to another side at another level resulting to sc…

Chiropractic Care: Does It Cure Hearing Loss Too?

When you hear chiropractic care, you immediately think of back pains right? But did it ever occur to you that it could also treat high blood pressure, digestion, and even hearing loss? Apparently, chiropractic doctors are saying that they can indeed help with these.  
After receiving spinal treatment, there was a patient who said that his hearing loss was cured. Releasing this statement has placed chiropractors into hot water, critics says that chiropractors do not have any solid evidence to prove these claims.
However, for a little contradiction, isn’t it science is not exactly based on theory or experiment alone? Chiropractors and other spine specialist who administer spinal manipulation, dedicated time to study what other condition can be treated by manual adjustments that is given by either chiropractors or osteopaths. But despite the extensive study, they wouldn’t have concluded that their treatment can actually help the likes of blood pressure, infantile colic or hearing loss if t…

Bone Popping Sound During Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

Do you have the habit of cracking your knuckles because it feels good? But the idea of hearing those popping sounds when you already are suffering from back pain, is a little disturbing to you?
That’s why even if you already received numerous advice from trusted people and your primary care doctor to go to a chiropractic clinic and try spinal adjustments you're still hesitant? Actually, those popping noise are due to the pockets of air or bubbles from the fluid surrounding your joints that popped when the joint tissues were stretched during the manual adjustment. Which means that those cracking sound are completely normal.
Expect soreness and tightness in your muscles after receiving back adjustments, on the other hand, you’ll be able to move your back more comfortably. Aside from spinal adjustment, muscle therapy may also be included to make pain relief faster each chiropractic session.
Since musculoskeletal problems takes time before they heal, some preventive care will also be reco…

8 simple reasons why meditation is good for your health

Meditation can be enjoyed by anyone and guarantees that you will feel healthier in everyday life.
Here are 8 simple reasons why meditation is good for your health.
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Top 10 Myths about Chiropractic and the Truth

Over the years, due to chiropractic’s controversial beginning doubts about the practice still lingers up to the present that causes confusions and reservations on the patient’s side. Read up and be enlightened about the real deal on spinal manipulation.

Family Chiropractic Singapore
Blk 302 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 (St 31)
#01-1848, Singapore 560302
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Know the Health Benefits of Chiropractic Treatment

Due to the never ending doubts about the chiropractic’s efficiency, a lot of people who could have been treated for their back problems still endure the pain while others simply don’t have any idea about its benefits in their bodies. For those of you who wants to be enlightened once and for all, here are the 5 most important benefits of chiropractic care.

Better Functioning Of the Immune System People who receives regular chiropractic care have shown fewer accounts of colds and less severe symptoms when they catch it, in studies. This only signifies how the treatment improves a person’s immune system that everybody will definitely like since maintaining overall health today is becoming more and more difficult.
Pain Management The spine adjustments utilized in chiropractic treatment corrects misaligned spine or dislocated joints, which helps relieve the pain and control it with further treatments. Because the main target of chiropractic treatment is to enable the body to heal itself throug…

Everything You Should Know About Cervical Herniated Disc Or Ruptured Disc

Most people experiences pain on the neck, shoulders and arm. While at times, it’s all due to long days at work, we may not realize that there’s actually an underlying problem that’s causing the pain. One of the possible causes is what they call a ruptured disc or cervical herniated disc, which occurs when the cushions between the vertebrae in the upper back and neck (cervical disc) bulges out through the outer cervical disc wall.

Causes Either we do it regularly or just occasionally, heavy lifting or similar damaging activities and motion, tobacco use, lack of exercise, inadequate nutrition, and failure to practice good posture can put too much pressure on the disc that results to pain. Sometimes, aging triggers this as well. Pain that intensifies if the damage reaches the spinal canal or nerve roots.
Symptoms You may consider it as a red flag for a cervical herniated disc when you start experiencing pain, numbness, weakness or tingling that runs from the arms through the hands until your…