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Learn About Vibracussor And What It Can Do For You

Vibracussor is a handheld vibration instrument that is used to relax tight muscles, increase circulation and break up scar tissues. This works almost like a massage but on a much higher level because it uses vibration compression waves that can be adjusted from 8 to 52 percussion cycles per second depending what suits the patient’s condition.  If you’re not still sure of you should give this a try, here are the things that this device can do for you.


The Device Penetrates Deep Into The Joint Tissue And Surrounding Areas To Stimulating Them Joint problems are one of the reasons why some people have pain every day and trouble moving around. Vibracussor can help loosen stiff joints so that fluids that lubricate the area can freely enter and help regain motion.

When Applied, The Device Loosens The Tissue, Helping To Restore Your Body’s Range Of Motion The tissue that that coats the muscle and various parts of your body to keep your structure strong is called fascia tissue. However, du…