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Colds, Flu and Chiropractic Care

Colds and flu are common sickness that we experience in our daily lives. These illnesses are common during cold weather and sudden shift in climate. Let’s get to know how we acquire colds and flu and how we can avoid them.
Colds This is caused by a virus that mainly affects the nose, sinuses, voice box and throat. Common colds are not accompanied by fever which separates it from other bacterial and viral respiratory infections. Common symptoms are drippy and stuffed nose, watery eyes, congestion and scratchy throat. These viruses do not make you sick but if the germs strive in a weak environment or immune system, that’s the time that you will most likely get sick.
Flu Flu’s symptoms are commonly backache, fever, and runny nose and muscle soreness. It usually lasts for 3 days but it can sometimes lead to a more serious condition like pneumonia. Common medical treatments don’t really cure flu just like colds. When you try and lower a person’s fever down when he or she has flu, you are actu…

Got Cracking Headaches? Unhealthy Lifestyle Could Be Behind It

It started with random, out-of-the-blue headache, and then became occasional, developed into episodes and before you know it you were sleeping and waking up with it. Worried? Alarmed? You should be because this kind of incidence shouldn’t be taken lightly.
You wouldn’t want to be held back from school, club activities, family gatherings, and what other teenagers like you are supposed to be enjoying because you’re preoccupied with the nagging pain in your head.
But before you reach into your mother’s aspirin, maybe you should know what’s really causing these headaches before trying to just get through the day with a pill.  Why? Because you and I both know that simply relying on pain killers alone won’t solve the problem, not to mention that the effect of the pill is likely to wear off after a couple of hours or so. You’d want a better solution than that. Trust me; you absolutely don’t want to spend the next 10, 20 or more years of your life taking pain meds. 
A lot of people would assume…