Bone Popping Sound During Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

Do you have the habit of cracking your knuckles because it feels good? But the idea of hearing those popping sounds when you already are suffering from back pain, is a little disturbing to you?

That’s why even if you already received numerous advice from trusted people and your primary care doctor to go to a chiropractic clinic and try spinal adjustments you're still hesitant?
Actually, those popping noise are due to the pockets of air or bubbles from the fluid surrounding your joints that popped when the joint tissues were stretched during the manual adjustment. Which means that those cracking sound are completely normal.

Expect soreness and tightness in your muscles after receiving back adjustments, on the other hand, you’ll be able to move your back more comfortably.
Aside from spinal adjustment, muscle therapy may also be included to make pain relief faster each chiropractic session.

Since musculoskeletal problems takes time before they heal, some preventive care will also be recommended for you. Your chiropractor may include specific exercises and ergonomic tips in you treatment plan. These will promote healthy spine when followed, just like good posture does.

Is Chiropractic Care Right For You?
Although there such a hype on chiropractic care, know that what worked for others doesn’t necessarily work for you as well. Aside from that there other spine condition that won’t be cured with spinal adjustments alone, medications, surgery, or combination of treatment may be necessary.

However, do not shun chiropractic spinal adjustment if your only concern is the popping sound because those sounds don't equate to bones breaking. If you’re after non-surgical and drug-free treatment for back pain, chiropractic is a good way to go. Those popping sounds are your new best friends.

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