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Causes Of Lower Back Pain And Chiropractic Care

Hectic work schedule, chaotic family life, crazy partying, trying to look perfect in social media. Nowadays, the demands of modern living can really take a toll on your health, no wonder most people are complaining about lower back pain.  However, while the stress of daily living can no doubt bring all sorts of pain to your body, sometimes low back pains are also due to health conditions. Here are some most common causes of low back pain.
1. Subluxations
Also known as misalignments. This means some vertebrae in the spine are not in their normal position. Unless these subluxations gets corrected or adjusted by a chiropractor, it will continually cause pain. Aside from pain, misalignments can also lead to systematic dysfunction and disease.
2. Disc Herniation
This condition may not show symptoms like lower back pain. However, it may bring intense and debilitating pain in other parts of your body. What’s worse is that it doesn’t heal completely but you can prevent it from deteriorating furthe…

Ways Chiropractic Care Can Help With Your Pregnancy

Carrying a child and giving birth is arguably one of the most fulfilling experience for a woman. However, along with the happiness that it brings to a couple it is not without some physical and overall health risks for the mother. Here are some of the chiropractic benefits for any woman during and after their pregnancy.

1. Peak Performance
When the body is at its optimal condition, you can almost expect that the pregnancy will have lesser difficulty. Gentle spinal adjustment can help correct misalignment that may not be only causing pain but as well as developmental hindrances for both the mother and baby.

2. Pain Relief When you get pregnant expect to experience back pain due to the growing weight you have to carry in the midsection area. Even discomfort in your muscles and joints due to weight gain and the stress on shifting internal organs to accommodate the baby in your womb. Chiropractic care can provide therapeutic massages to soothe the pain.
3. Proper Pelvic Position During the preg…

Neck Pain, Chiropractic Care And YOU!

Most people might have a neck pain these days or at some point but not a lot of them really understand neck pain. What some may find surprising is that it’s not just because you’re tired. Most often than not, there’s more behind it and the pain is just the symptom.

Causes Of Neck Pain

Being In One Position For Too LongIf you slump all day on the couch, sit all day at your desk job, or are doing any activity that makes you be in one position for extended period of time, you’ll experience stiffness and/or muscle spasms in the neck area which leads to pain.
Jobs That Involve Repetitive MotionIf there are jobs that require a person to be in a stagnant position, there are those that entail repetitive motion like those who operate a drill press or practically anyone whose job is in power equipment or continuous assembly line operation. Those kinds of jobs tend to bring muscle tension and irritation of the nerves and blood vessels in the neck.
Strain To The Cervical VertebraeThis happens when th…

7 Health Conditions Not Many Of Us Expect Chiropractic Care Can Help With

It’s true that majority of people who seek chiropractic care suffers from back pain. However, that doesn’t mean it’s the only condition chiropractors can treat. They may be known for it but they’re more than just bone doctors. Here are some conditions that research has discovered chiropractic care can also help with.

1. Premenstrual Discomfort
PMS symptoms include back pain, bloating, cramping, and fatigue. This is often because there’s evidence of nerve compromise to your reproductive organs. By combining manual spinal adjustments and soft tissue therapy premenstrual discomfort would improve.

2. Testicular Pain
This particular condition may have many causes. However, there have been some cases where patients with testicular pain who also had back and leg pain improved with just one adjustment. This only shows that when there are additional spinal variables, an alternative treatment like chiropractic care can be more effective.

3. Bell’s Palsy
Results may vary from person to person but with…

What To Expect: 3 Stages Of Chiropractic Care

Unlike pain killers, which are what people often resort to when they experience pain or ache in the body, chiropractic care isn’t a temporary remedy. Like any other treatment, chiropractic care is a process which may or may not take time to see the result depending on your condition. But the good thing with a comprehensive treatment like this is that it provides you long term solution instead of just a quick relief that is most likely going to wear off after a couple of hours.
1. Relief The primary concern of people seeking a chiropractor in Singapore is the chronic pain that they’re in. What the chiropractor does at this point is lessen the symptoms and prioritize on relieving the pain of the patient. This stage often needs 2 to 3 sessions for the patient to feel the result, though many says even after just one session you can feel a considerable difference. 
2.Correction And Restoration Now this is where it gets deeper. Pain don’t just come out of nowhere, when you are always in pain so…

Reasons Why A Regular Chiropractic Visit Is Good For Your Health

Healthy diet and exercise are given factors if you want to be healthy. But, sometimes, even if you do both really diligently, you’d still need to see a chiropractor every once in a while as supplementary health precaution.

Chiropractic Care For Sciatica

Do you often feel burning or tingling sensation on one leg? Does the pain starts on your lower back and travels into your thigh, which sometimes travels further down the leg to the foot and toes? Or worst, numbness or weakness of the leg muscles is already present?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it’s possible that you have sciatica. This pain in your leg, which is actually just a symptom of an underlying condition, is usually due to disc herniation, piriformis syndrome, trigger point referral, or trapped nerve.

So, with all the possible causes of sciatica, the question is, how do you treat this kind of pain? Well, most experts would recommend seeking chiropractic care. If you do, a chiropractor will review your medical history and put you under series of test to confirm if you do suffer from sciatica. Once you get diagnosed, the chiropractor will recommend a combination of chiropractic adjustments, massage, and ice/cold therapy to help your body heal. Here’s why com…

Chiropractic Care On Sleep Problems

With the increasing demands of life these days, more and more people are having trouble with sleep. Aside from the fact that everyday hectic schedule is one of the culprits to unrefreshing sleep, we also don’t get the most out of the little time we manage to hit the sack. Wonder why when it seems easy to nod off when we’re tired? Well, a lot of things from poor sleeping environment, back problem, sleeping disorders, distractions, and even eating too close to bedtime or drinking coffee affect our body’s ability to get a deep quality sleep.

Why Sleep Is Essential

Despite all of that, we all should know that sleep is a necessary part of our lives that we shouldn’t take for granted otherwise it will affect our health. Getting adequate amount of sleep doesn’t just mean waking up refreshed and alert, it also means lower blood sugar, recharged organs, allowing tissue growth and repair, increased blood supply in the muscles, and recovery from exercise.

How The Body Reacts When You Don’t Get Enou…

Chiropractic Care For Chronic Pain Sufferers

In today’s daily living, it would be actually unusual if you didn’t have some kind of pain. Household chores, raising children, work, lack of exercise and even underlying health condition can all contribute to chronic pain. The thing is that, either most people shrug it off thinking it’s just normal to feel sore because they're tired or rely too much on painkillers to get by.

Two Types Of Pain
While it may seem that the pain is the same for every person suffering from it, there are actually two types of it. Intractable PainThis term was coined way back in World War II to describe the pain soldiers are going through. This pain is on the severe end of the spectrum where people who suffer from it would describe their life as a living hell due to the constant agony. Morphine or surgery is usually the treatment given to those with intractable pain.   Chronic PainThis type of pain is usually what patients these days complain about. Patients would describe it as if they have had a pain in ce…

The New Health Scare: Prolonged Sitting

Did you know that we spend more time sitting than sleeping? Yes, actually the amount of time more and more people spend on the chair had disturbingly increased through the years that it has become bad for our health. Here are some facts about it.
We Sit An Average of 12 Hours Everyday It may not seem like it because we feel tired all the time but it’s true. Your desk job greatly contributes to the time you spend propped on a chair.
Frequent Interruptions In Sitting Helps Standing up to stretch, get water, walk, or march on your place even for a few minutes in every hour of sitting lessen those back pains.
Our Body Is Designed For More Movement
We may be far behind medieval times where people walk miles to get food or water, but our body was definitely isn’t made to be immobile for extended period of time either.
Prolonged Sitting Leads To A Lot Of Chronic Diseases People who sit all the time have high risks of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.
Even If You Do Exe…

Chiropractic Ways That Helps You Enjoy Healthier Senior Years

We can’t help aging. No matter how badly you want to stay in your 20’s, you just can’t stop the time from flowing. So it’s important that you take care of your body throughout your lifetime and not just when you feel like being healthy. Here’s how chiropractic can help you along the way to your golden years.

Health And Nutritional Advice
Chiropractors aim to help their patients achieve not just a healthy spine but also a body at its best possible shape they can be at their age. In order to pursue that, along with manual manipulation they also provide nutritional and health suggestions that works best on their patients.
Pain Relief
We know that as people get old, pain in different parts of the body starts, like joint pains and back pains. Since chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal issues, when faced with patients with this kind of dilemma, they immediately provide pain relief by correcting subluxation in case that’s what’s causing the pain.
Regular Spinal Adjustment
Just like everythi…

Ways That Chiropractic Care Can Help With Car Accident Injuries

Accidents happen to the best of us. No matter how cautious you are, you might still find yourself in a middle of a collision. But good to know, you wouldn’t have to bear the pain and injuries that a car accident may have inflicted on you forever in case you get caught in it because chiropractic can offer both short and long term relief.
Chiropractors Are Trained To Relieve Accident Injury Related Pain Since most patients who seek a chiropractor are either injured due to a car accident or injured while playing sports, chiropractors provide drug-free and natural treatment for musculoskeletal and nervous system. 
It Can Treat Range Of Injuries And Condition
- Whiplash A passenger or a driver usually experiences this due to the sudden and rapid front-and-back movement of the head and neck once the car crashes. While most people don’t immediately feel the effect of this, it can lead to chronic neck pain, headaches, shoulder and upper back pain, and numbness when left untreated.
- Back And Neck P…

Rainy Season Safety Tips from Chiropractors

Here are some tips to help you stay injury-free if you have to head out in this wet condition.

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Depression and Women: Things You Should Know

If you think you’re suffering from depression or someone you know is, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. It’s More Than Just Being Sad

People loosely use the term depressed whenever they feel down. But you should know that it’s so much more than that. Being depressed means feeling low most of the day every day and not being able to find joy in things that you used to enjoy. It changes your sleep and eating habits in a way that you either do so much of them or do so little. You feel hopeless and helpless which causes suicidal thoughts.

2. Men Get Depressed Too

Depression is not exclusive to women. In fact, men suffer twice as often as women do. However, women tend to struggle with it for the rest of their lives twice more likely than men based on the book, “A Deeper Shade of Blue: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing and Treating Depression in Her Childbearing Years” by Ruta Nonacs, M.D., Ph.D.

3. Approximately 12 Million Women Each Year Suffers From Clinical Depression

Due to hormone shifts…