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Sciatica Physical Therapies To Relieve Patients From Pain

When a person starts experiencing pain with muscle weakness, numbness, or persistent tingling sensations in the lower back, buttocks and legs, compressed sciatica nerves due to a slipped disc is often the reason behind it. While pain medication may help for the time being, physical therapies like physiotherapy, osteopathy and chiropractic care is still highly recommended.

Top 10 Health Conditions Chiropractic Care Can Help With

Chiropractic care corrects spinal alignment abnormalities as a means of treating a wide range of health problems. Here are some of those conditions.

1. Migraine
There are times when you don’t know where and how the headache came out. But with cervical spine adjustment the pressure from the joints in the area will be released which will help ease the intensity of the headache.

2. Posture Problem
Poor posture doesn’t just lead to back pain and other related injury, but it also affects your digestive tract, confidence and stress level. The first step to correcting your posture is paying attention to it. Your chiropractor improves your condition through adjustments, exercises, and recommendation on proper positions.

3. Wrist Pain
Wrist pain can manifest itself in many ways, from simple weakness to searing pain. Chiropractic treatment may include adjusting the affected joint to restore proper functionality, immobilization (i.e. a splint), and cold or heat.

4. Pelvic Pain
Symptoms vary from person …

Top 7 Tips To Keep Moving Even If You’re Seated Most Of The Time

We probably all know by now that sitting for extended period of time is bad for our health. However, we have to accept that nowadays that’s the position we would be mostly in due to the kind of jobs people generally have and the lifestyle that we’ve all evolved to be living.

This is sad, yes. But while we can all try to be clever with how we stay active to counteract the effects of sitting, know that the chair will have to be a constant companion.

So the question is, is there no other way? Of course there is, you may be propped in the chair most of the time, but you can still keep your body moving.

Yes, it’s called dynamic sitting! So basically, you inject small movements even as you go on your deskbound activity. Compared to static sitting, this keeps your body from being completely sedentary which could and would cause a lot of health issues more than you can imagine.

There may be chiropractors in Singapore that can help you correct your posture, relieve the pains accompanied with prolo…