Chiropractic Care: Does It Cure Hearing Loss Too?

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When you hear chiropractic care, you immediately think of back pains right? But did it ever occur to you that it could also treat high blood pressure, digestion, and even hearing loss? Apparently, chiropractic doctors are saying that they can indeed help with these.  

After receiving spinal treatment, there was a patient who said that his hearing loss was cured. Releasing this statement has placed chiropractors into hot water, critics says that chiropractors do not have any solid evidence to prove these claims.

However, for a little contradiction, isn’t it science is not exactly based on theory or experiment alone? Chiropractors and other spine specialist who administer spinal manipulation, dedicated time to study what other condition can be treated by manual adjustments that is given by either chiropractors or osteopaths. But despite the extensive study, they wouldn’t have concluded that their treatment can actually help the likes of blood pressure, infantile colic or hearing loss if they’re not paying attention to their patients. Keen observation is also necessary in this kind of field.

There are some reported cases that prove these things to be true. Like the young musician who is complaining about pain in the left side of his face, sinuses and ear accompanied with a significant loss of hearing. When he had it checked, specialist saw some dysfunctions in the jaw and “knots” that are stiff which is why he’s in so much pain.

The chiropractor who was treating him applied deep pressure to treat the muscles and a quick thrust on the joints called manual adjustment. The patient felt immediate relief; no more sinuses and his hearing became normal on the next few visits. Even the flying home didn’t feel painful unlike the first time he started having problems with his ear.

Though the pressure during the plane landing made this patient’s condition worst, it is not the prime reason for his problems. Before the sudden change of pressure in the plane, the stress stored in his joints and muscles due to the tension in his neck and regular teeth clenching have already piled up, the flight simply aggravated it. Nevertheless, prior to his flight, his lymphatic drainage in his head, ears and sinuses were interfered.

Before disregarding any kind of procedure simply because it’s not “science-based” why not try to consider its possibility? If a patient responded well to an alternative treatment like this, with solid medical records to prove that he was in great pain before and he was indeed all better after receiving it, maybe it’s time to put our prejudices aside and reconsider.

Before throwing away your hearing aids thinking that you have the same condition better consult a medical professional first to get a thorough examination. Not all hearing loss is from the neck. We have a whole lot of possibility head of us.

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