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Say No to Headache: Causes and Remedies

Are you one of those complaining carrying the discomforts made by headache? Or taking over-the-counter medications just to cast away the unbearable pain?  
Yes, having a pain in any region of the head is headaches and believes that its leading cause is nerve irritation. Headache is the body’s warning alarm signaling us that something is not right. It can be feature in different types but the fact that they all cause pain is one thing they share in common.

What to blame? Comprehensive list below just might help you figure out the cause of your headache.
1. Stress          Over thinking, anxiety, worry, fatigue and even excitement can increase muscle tension and triggers headache. 
2. Bad posture could also be the culprit.     The way you sit, work in computer for a long period of time, answer numerous phone call, carrying heavy objects and many daily activities when not done correctly can cause tightening of the muscle and can contribute to headache. 
3. Noise Constant annoyance of noise can m…