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Chiropractic Care On Sleep Problems

With the increasing demands of life these days, more and more people are having trouble with sleep. Aside from the fact that everyday hectic schedule is one of the culprits to unrefreshing sleep, we also don’t get the most out of the little time we manage to hit the sack. Wonder why when it seems easy to nod off when we’re tired? Well, a lot of things from poor sleeping environment, back problem, sleeping disorders, distractions, and even eating too close to bedtime or drinking coffee affect our body’s ability to get a deep quality sleep.

Why Sleep Is Essential

Despite all of that, we all should know that sleep is a necessary part of our lives that we shouldn’t take for granted otherwise it will affect our health. Getting adequate amount of sleep doesn’t just mean waking up refreshed and alert, it also means lower blood sugar, recharged organs, allowing tissue growth and repair, increased blood supply in the muscles, and recovery from exercise.

How The Body Reacts When You Don’t Get Enou…

Chiropractic Care For Chronic Pain Sufferers

In today’s daily living, it would be actually unusual if you didn’t have some kind of pain. Household chores, raising children, work, lack of exercise and even underlying health condition can all contribute to chronic pain. The thing is that, either most people shrug it off thinking it’s just normal to feel sore because they're tired or rely too much on painkillers to get by.

Two Types Of Pain
While it may seem that the pain is the same for every person suffering from it, there are actually two types of it. Intractable PainThis term was coined way back in World War II to describe the pain soldiers are going through. This pain is on the severe end of the spectrum where people who suffer from it would describe their life as a living hell due to the constant agony. Morphine or surgery is usually the treatment given to those with intractable pain.   Chronic PainThis type of pain is usually what patients these days complain about. Patients would describe it as if they have had a pain in ce…

The New Health Scare: Prolonged Sitting

Did you know that we spend more time sitting than sleeping? Yes, actually the amount of time more and more people spend on the chair had disturbingly increased through the years that it has become bad for our health. Here are some facts about it.
We Sit An Average of 12 Hours Everyday It may not seem like it because we feel tired all the time but it’s true. Your desk job greatly contributes to the time you spend propped on a chair.
Frequent Interruptions In Sitting Helps Standing up to stretch, get water, walk, or march on your place even for a few minutes in every hour of sitting lessen those back pains.
Our Body Is Designed For More Movement
We may be far behind medieval times where people walk miles to get food or water, but our body was definitely isn’t made to be immobile for extended period of time either.
Prolonged Sitting Leads To A Lot Of Chronic Diseases People who sit all the time have high risks of obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and even cancer.
Even If You Do Exe…

Chiropractic Ways That Helps You Enjoy Healthier Senior Years

We can’t help aging. No matter how badly you want to stay in your 20’s, you just can’t stop the time from flowing. So it’s important that you take care of your body throughout your lifetime and not just when you feel like being healthy. Here’s how chiropractic can help you along the way to your golden years.

Health And Nutritional Advice
Chiropractors aim to help their patients achieve not just a healthy spine but also a body at its best possible shape they can be at their age. In order to pursue that, along with manual manipulation they also provide nutritional and health suggestions that works best on their patients.
Pain Relief
We know that as people get old, pain in different parts of the body starts, like joint pains and back pains. Since chiropractors specialize in musculoskeletal issues, when faced with patients with this kind of dilemma, they immediately provide pain relief by correcting subluxation in case that’s what’s causing the pain.
Regular Spinal Adjustment
Just like everythi…