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Chiropractic Advice during Pregnancy

There are 6.4 million women were getting pregnant each year. From which, 54% is unwanted and 400,000 of this is being miscarried. Yes, large proportions of women are subject on fertility risk factors during pregnancy. Actually, it has been a subject over years that generate a lot of talks, issues or even conflicts. And due to lack of education, pregnancy becomes nuisance more than amusement to most moms-to-be. Why? What’s happening during pregnancy?

What happen during pregnancy?
Throughout pregnancy, several physiological and endocrinological changes will occur in order to prepare the environment for the developing baby.
Severe discomfort with the increase of stress placed on the body by gaining 25 to 35 pounds weight of the baby.  Half of pregnant will develop lower back pain especially during pregnancy.Suffer from irritating your sciatic nerve when the baby’s head presses down the buttocks, legs, and back.Pelvis will start to shift forward immediately during pregnancy.As the baby grows…