How Much Do You Know About Correct Posture?

Most people think, unless they get into an accident or has an inborn condition, their backs will be fine. What most people don’t realize is that even the tiniest movement that we do every day contributes to whether it’s in good condition or not.

Practicing proper posture all the time will prevent early degeneration of your back, even your chiropractor will tell you that, not just your strict grandmother. Although, back pains will somehow creep up on you when you weren’t paying attention. There are solutions to relieve you from the pain like the following:

Heat Application—this will relaxes the tensed muscles but causes inflammation.

Ice Application—while this lessens the inflammation, it can, however, make the muscles stiff.
To get the best result of these two, alternating the use of them would be better. Aside from that, there are ways to prevent back problems when sleeping, getting out of bed, lifting, standing, sitting, bending, doing daily chores or writing on a flat surface by doing them right.

Sleeping On Your Back
Let your shoulder’s benefit from the pillow as well not just your head. A pillow under your knees will also support the curve of your spine as you sleep, but of course, still you should never underestimate the power of a good mattress.

Side Sleeper
When you’re in this position, your pillow should make sure that your neck is in the same level with the rest of your spine. For more support, put a pillow in between your legs. Don’t roll on your stomach because that position will twist your neck.

Getting Out Of Bed
Even this simple act when done wrong could actually injure your spine. Avoid that by stretching, slowly get up, and swing your legs to the floor using your arms for support.

Reach the object you’re about to lift by bending your knees not your back. Hold it close to you and stand up in order to lift the load.

When standing for an extended period of time is inevitable, lessen the pressure on your back by resting on foot on a low stool. If you can’t find a stool to rest your foot try shifting your weight.

Put a rolled towel at the small of your back for support and make sure that your knees are either leveled with your hips or a little higher.

Knees should bend not your back. Support yourself with one hand when you’re trying to pick something on the ground.

Daily Chores
Try to avoid putting too much strain on your back when doing something by keeping your chin up and not bending too far forward.

Writing On A Flat Surface
As much as possible, try to use a good chair when writing on a flat surface. Support your head with one hand and get up often to prevent stiffness.

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