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Ways That Chiropractic Care Can Help With Car Accident Injuries

Accidents happen to the best of us. No matter how cautious you are, you might still find yourself in a middle of a collision. But good to know, you wouldn’t have to bear the pain and injuries that a car accident may have inflicted on you forever in case you get caught in it because chiropractic can offer both short and long term relief.
Chiropractors Are Trained To Relieve Accident Injury Related Pain Since most patients who seek a chiropractor are either injured due to a car accident or injured while playing sports, chiropractors provide drug-free and natural treatment for musculoskeletal and nervous system. 
It Can Treat Range Of Injuries And Condition
- Whiplash A passenger or a driver usually experiences this due to the sudden and rapid front-and-back movement of the head and neck once the car crashes. While most people don’t immediately feel the effect of this, it can lead to chronic neck pain, headaches, shoulder and upper back pain, and numbness when left untreated.
- Back And Neck P…

Rainy Season Safety Tips from Chiropractors

Here are some tips to help you stay injury-free if you have to head out in this wet condition.

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Depression and Women: Things You Should Know

If you think you’re suffering from depression or someone you know is, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. It’s More Than Just Being Sad

People loosely use the term depressed whenever they feel down. But you should know that it’s so much more than that. Being depressed means feeling low most of the day every day and not being able to find joy in things that you used to enjoy. It changes your sleep and eating habits in a way that you either do so much of them or do so little. You feel hopeless and helpless which causes suicidal thoughts.

2. Men Get Depressed Too

Depression is not exclusive to women. In fact, men suffer twice as often as women do. However, women tend to struggle with it for the rest of their lives twice more likely than men based on the book, “A Deeper Shade of Blue: A Woman’s Guide to Recognizing and Treating Depression in Her Childbearing Years” by Ruta Nonacs, M.D., Ph.D.

3. Approximately 12 Million Women Each Year Suffers From Clinical Depression

Due to hormone shifts…