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Kyphosis and Its Treatment

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Kyphosis, also known under the term "hump" it is usually refers to an exaggerated curvature of the of the thoracic vertebrae group.
The symptoms of kyphosis include:
1. Moderate back pain 2. Dorsal stiffness 3. Fatigue
CAUSES Kyphosis can be caused by variety of problems such as:
1. Osteoporosis
Bone thinning disorders which will lead to crushed bone.
2. Disk degeneration
As we age, circular disks dry out and shrink, which often worsens kyphosis.
3. Scheuermann's disease
This disease usually begins during the growth spurt that occurs before puberty. And Boys are affected more often than girls.
4. Congenital
If a baby's spinal column doesn't develop properly in the womb, the spinal bones may not form properly, which will result to kyphosis.
5. Cancer and cancer treatments
Cancer in the spine can weaken vertebrae and make them more prone to compression fractures, as can chemotherapy and radiation cancer treatments.


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