Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Kids Back Pain

When a kid complains about something, sometimes we simply brush it off thinking the kid is simply seeking attention/trying to ask for something/over reacting. However, when it’s backache, we shouldn't take it so lightly. Just think of the growing number of children suffering from scoliosis (a medical condition wherein there’s a curve from side to side in a person’s spine) until their teenage and adult years just because their condition wasn’t taken care of early on.

What happens then is that, the minor misalignment in the pliable spine of a child develops into a curvatures that leads to serious spinal problems in the future.

Scoliosis Development

First: The normal front to back arches in the spine fails to develop, that results to spinal disc carrying unusual weight.

Second: It develops into subluxation wherein the center of some disc leans to one side, and the vertebra to the other. As a reaction to this misalignment, the spine shifts to another side at another level resulting to scoliosis.

To control the increasing curve of the spine and correct it along the way, chiropractic care proves to be the most effective way treatment.

In some studies in scoliosis of experts, the have observed that the extended period of sitting in classrooms actually adds to the improper development of normal spine curves Even other circumstances that we see as normal like school exercises such as bending over touching the toes, and even the playpens and walkers that encourages children to walk too soon contributes to that.
However, this can be mended if detected early through regular chiropractic exams.

Hence, misalignments and dislocations such as these can be corrected by administering spinal adjustments that chiropractors mainly use as their main method of treatment.  It is also possible that hereditary development, short leg, pelvic distortions, certain diseases, aside from accidents and negligence, are causing the development of curvature.

Either way, early detection and chiropractic care can still save your kids from suffering to more serious conditions, most especially avoid surgery or bracing.

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