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Unhealthy Effects Of Your Bad Posture To Your Body And Mind

Who knew that a slouching, which is often seen as laid-back or comfortable position, could do so much damage not just in your body but in your mind as well? Start paying attention to your posture from now on, correct your bad posture habits right away, and save yourself from this health problems in the process!
Worsens Depression
Isn’t it they say that cracking a smile actually helps alter your mood from feeling blue to feeling a bit happier? That’s because body language don’t just affect us physically, but as well as mentally and emotionally. Slouching all the time starts causing back pain or neck pain and since your body is always in pain due to the poor posture, you become irritated, tired, or aggravated most of the time.

Leads To Career Problems Employees who are always in good posture whether they’re walking, sitting in front of a computer/while talking to a client/during meeting, or even just by standing while waiting for the elevator tend to be more successful. Proper posture makes…

8 Types Of Chiropractic Adjustments

Our body’s structure is there to ensure everything is aligned and functioning properly. When even one part of that structure goes wrong, a chain of reaction from your body begins. You start experiencing pain, discomfort and other symptoms to different parts of your body and you develop more health issues. Here are the different techniques that chiropractors use to treat irregularities on your spine and other parts of your body.

1.Direct Thrust Technique Or better known as spinal manipulation. This technique concentrates on correcting subluxations on the spine which often restricts motion and cause pain in the patient by applying quick and controlled thrust on the affected vertebrae. This technique is very famous for the audible popping sound every thrust, but don’t worry because that’s just gas trapped between the joints being released.  

2.Spinal Mobilization This type of chiropractic adjustment is done by utilizing gradual movements like gentle stretches to encourage proper alignment as…