What To Expect: 3 Stages Of Chiropractic Care

Unlike pain killers, which are what people often resort to when they experience pain or ache in the body, chiropractic care isn’t a temporary remedy. Like any other treatment, chiropractic care is a process which may or may not take time to see the result depending on your condition. But the good thing with a comprehensive treatment like this is that it provides you long term solution instead of just a quick relief that is most likely going to wear off after a couple of hours.

The primary concern of people seeking a chiropractor in Singapore is the chronic pain that they’re in. What the chiropractor does at this point is lessen the symptoms and prioritize on relieving the pain of the patient. This stage often needs 2 to 3 sessions for the patient to feel the result, though many says even after just one session you can feel a considerable difference. 

2. Correction And Restoration
Now this is where it gets deeper. Pain don’t just come out of nowhere, when you are always in pain somewhere in your body that just mean there is something else that’s wrong. The pain is just a symptom. So if you stop the treatment at stage one, don’t be surprised that the condition would come back. That said, this stage is composed of less adjustments but stretches and exercise will be introduced into your treatment. This will correct misalignments and restore your body’s healthy condition. Just stretch your patience since this stage can go from a few months to a few years depending on how severe you condition is.   

3. Maintenance
Now this is the last but not the least stage. It’s called maintenance for a reason because continued chiropractic care will keep your body free of subluxations which will prevent the same issues from resurfacing. The point is that by still seeing your chiropractor in a regular basis, even after your original issue has been treated, it will promote healthy musculoskeletal system, nervous system, and most especially overall wellness.


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