Chiropractic Care On Sleep Problems

With the increasing demands of life these days, more and more people are having trouble with sleep. Aside from the fact that everyday hectic schedule is one of the culprits to unrefreshing sleep, we also don’t get the most out of the little time we manage to hit the sack. Wonder why when it seems easy to nod off when we’re tired? Well, a lot of things from poor sleeping environment, back problem, sleeping disorders, distractions, and even eating too close to bedtime or drinking coffee affect our body’s ability to get a deep quality sleep.

Why Sleep Is Essential

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Despite all of that, we all should know that sleep is a necessary part of our lives that we shouldn’t take for granted otherwise it will affect our health. Getting adequate amount of sleep doesn’t just mean waking up refreshed and alert, it also means lower blood sugar, recharged organs, allowing tissue growth and repair, increased blood supply in the muscles, and recovery from exercise.

How The Body Reacts When You Don’t Get Enough Shut Eye

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Now that we know the importance of sleep when it comes to our overall health, can you imagine what would happen if we don’t get enough of it? You wouldn’t expect some of them but would definitely make you exert more effort for your sleeping time.
  • Weight gain
  • Car accidents
  • Memory problems
  • Accelerated aging
  • Weakened immune system
  • Depression and anxiety

Ways To Improve Your Sleep

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We can all use work, family, and life as an excuse on why we slack on sleep, but if you are determined to juggle all of those, understand that you need to sleep better in order to do so. Trying to compensate for the loss sleep during the weekend doesn’t even cut it. 

Here are the things that could actually help get a good night sleep

  • Don’t drink coffee or eat heavy meal too close to bedtime
  • Exercise a sleeping routine
  • Make sure your sleeping space is comfortable from the mattress, to the pillows, down to lighting and even the temperature.
  • Keep distractions away such as TV and phone at least an hour before you hit the bed.
  • Get chiropractic adjustments. Back pain that could be causing uncomfortable sleep can be treated by spinal adjustments.

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