Must Try Massages From Different Countries

Must Try Massages From Different Countries

Life can be hard. But you’d be able to get through with it, if you know how to pamper yourself once in awhile. For someone as hardworking as yourself, here are 8 kinds of massages from different parts of the world that you can reward yourself with. Plus an alternative treatment, which is highly recommended when your back pain and headaches are no longer due to  hard work but an underlying health problem, that may help you when even the relaxing good old massage fails to work it’s magic.

Swedish Massage Or Classic Massage
While it’s called Swedish massage, it’s actually a massage that neither originated in Sweden nor created by a Swede. It’s actually a technique created by a Dutch man and named it in French that is known as Swedish massage across Europe but is only called classic massage in the rest of the world. This massage is great for athletes or those who have a very active lifestyle as it helps loosen buildup of lactic acid and promotes fresh blood to run through by using frictions, mixture of stroking, kneading, striking, and rubbing.

African Rungu Massage          
Though this technique that uses Rungu stick is already known across the region of South Africa, it’s roots goes all the way back to tribes of East Africa. The one administering the massage will use the shaft of the stick to skim and do circular motions on larger areas, while the larger knob is intended for bigger muscles and then they get into smaller ones by switching to the small knob. This massage promotes blood circulation, sensory nerve perception, and increase lymphatic drainage.

Japanese Shiatsu
Originally, this technique, which means “finger pressure” in Japanese, is a part of traditional Chinese medicine and then introduced to Japan which they applied in their own style. So as the name suggests, they apply pressure on specific parts of the body in order to create balance within. It has the same idea with acupuncture and cupping.

Hot And Cold Stone Massage
You’re probably only familiar with hot stone massages, but different temperature is actually important for chemical response. Once you try this technique you’ll notice its difference from other massages because you’ll still be able to feel the effect even a couple days after. This is because alternating the temperature applied to the body through the stones to make the right changes is a vital part of the cleansing process.

Hammam Or Turkish Bath
This is not a massage to try if you only have an hour or two to spare. However, if you could make some time for it you definitely won’t regret the experience. The entire process includes changing into a pestemal or traditional cotton body wrap, warming up the body in their sauna with heated marble platform at the center called camekan, and having your body scrubbed down and washed. After all those, you will have your massage which differs depending on where you go or the one who will massage, so either you surprise yourself or ask early on to know.

Thai Massage
The origin of this massage is difficult to confirm as it simply verbally passed down to generations with little documentation. But Thai massage is popular as yoga massage. So don’t be surprised that you will have to move quite a bit and be in different poses. Expect a lot of cracking sounds since this massage involves not only deep tissue kneading and rubbing, but also body parts being moved in certain ways and pressure applied to provide really deep stretch.

Ayurveda Head Massage
When people hear massage, back massage immediately comes to mind. But this one in particular focuses on your head. They use oil as they knead and stroke on the entire head with special attention to the temples. This one is great because it relieves stress by concentrating on the nervous system which gives a domino repair effect on other area of the body.

Laos Massage
Just like Thai massage, Laos massage also apply pressure on certain points of the body repeatedly. You’ll notice that it’s gentler compared to Thai, though the popping sounds will still be there mixed with a bit of foot reflexology and complete with an herbal steam sauna.
Massages are surely heaven sent for us mortals dealing with back pain, headache, stress and all sorts of pain due to working hard every day trying to win at life. While massages definitely help alleviate pain and work on a spiritual and mental level, there are situations where getting a massage isn’t enough to help with the mentioned side effects of working hard.

There are back pains that are only due to a long day at work, but then there are those that never go away because of an underlying condition. Either way, visiting a chiropractic clinic here in Singapore can do you more than just relieve your pain. It can also help you determine what’s really causing the pain and treat it which can make a great difference in the quality of your living.

What’s even great about chiropractic care is that, because it’s a holistic approach to wellness that is non-invasive and drug-free which specializes on musculoskeletal issues, it can help you with a lot more than ease back pain. It is known to help improve sports performance, alleviate headache, stimulate immune system, helps make pregnancy as comfortable as possible, normalize blood pressure, prevent progression of scoliosis, and treat sciatica and more.