10 Daily Struggles People With Sensitive Skin/Allergies Will Happily Share With You

10 Daily Struggles People With Sensitive Skin/Allergies Will Happily Share With You

Looking for skincare products that actually work is already challenging. But having to deal with a sensitive skin and trying to take care of it is so much more difficult, not to mention frustrating.  Here are the struggles people with sensitive skin experiences that will help you understand what it feels like.

1.      Can’t Wear Cute And Cheap Jewelries
A lot of cute and cheap accessories are available in a lot of boutiques offer nowadays, yay right?  Not for those with sensitive skin. Wearing those makes their skin itch like crazy and then swell like hell.

2.      Having Rashes From Experimenting With Make-Ups Or Skincare Products
Most of the time, the only way to figure out which products work best for us is to try them out. However, this journey is actually a torture for sensitive skinned folks. When they dare try a new product because it only cost $2, they’d have to wait if their skin will accept it or decide to launch breakouts or inflammation or both and then spend so much more than $2 for treatments.

3.      Suffering From All Sorts Of Skin Reactions During A Hot Day
For some, warm weather simply means shorts, sunscreen, and beach time. But for others it means being soaked with sweat and then having allergic reaction due to the sweat. Air-conditioned rooms won’t help either because when your skin dries out it’ll make your skin itch even more.

4.      Spending More Than Everybody Else To Have A Good Skin
Sensitive skin specific products are pricier compared to usual ones. That, and the other medications plus regular trip to dermatologist, are the reason why sufferers are more broke than most of us. Don’t even get me started with authentic charms that one has to invest in if he/she wants to wear jewelries without getting allergic reactions afterwards.

5.      Your Skin Reacting From Stress
Want to know what happens to sensitive skinned people when they get stressed out? They start itching all over their body, so the next time you see your schoolmate with red patches on her face after exams, take a hint.

6.      People Avoiding You Like A Plague
When people see anyone with skin problems, they feel grossed out and scared at the same time thinking it’s contagious even if it isn’t which is why they keep distance. Making you feel even more miserable than you already are.

7.      Not Feeling Good Generally
The itch that you’ll experience when you happen to be a sensitive skin sufferer is unlike any itch. You won’t have peace until you relieve the itch by scratching but then even when you’re already scratching so hard your skin is already bleeding, it will still be itchy. When irritation subsides a little, you’ll have to endure that searing pain when water comes in contact with the raw flesh when you take a bath. So yeah, hellish it is.

8.      Concealing = Aggravating
Trying to cover up your skin condition with concealer or foundation to avoid attracting attention when you go out has its consequences too. Burying the affected area with chemicals will probably make you itch more and then make its condition worst. This is the reason why instead of trying to hide it, it’s better to find a way to control your condition. One way to manage allergies is to seek chiropractic care because of its all-natural approach on improving your immune system so that your body can be much more able to fight allergies.

9.      It Never Really Goes Away
You spend months of trying to heal one area with all the treatment and medication, only to welcome another spot when something triggers a reaction again. What you may not realize is that the strength of both the immune and respiratory systems depends largely on proper communication between the brain and spinal cord to control and coordinate their functions properly. So when there are interruptions in this communication like misalignment it can make your allergic reaction worst. Traditional chiropractic adjustment can restore proper alignment of your spine and promote a stronger immune system; adjustments may also help regulate the rush of histamine and amount of cortisol produced during high allergy season. This is a better way to manage this instead of relying on medication all the time.

10. Sensitive Skin + Oily Skin
When you have sensitive skin, you assume that having oily skin could help solve your problem. But the thing is it won’t, it’s actually bad news. The truth is, your skin produces extra oil to compensate for the dryness which when combined with your sensitive skin could throw your pH level off.