Learn About Vibracussor And What It Can Do For You

Vibracussor is a handheld vibration instrument that is used to relax tight muscles, increase circulation and break up scar tissues. This works almost like a massage but on a much higher level because it uses vibration compression waves that can be adjusted from 8 to 52 percussion cycles per second depending what suits the patient’s condition.  If you’re not still sure of you should give this a try, here are the things that this device can do for you.


The Device Penetrates Deep Into The Joint Tissue And Surrounding Areas To Stimulating Them
Joint problems are one of the reasons why some people have pain every day and trouble moving around. Vibracussor can help loosen stiff joints so that fluids that lubricate the area can freely enter and help regain motion.

When Applied, The Device Loosens The Tissue, Helping To Restore Your Body’s Range Of Motion
The tissue that that coats the muscle and various parts of your body to keep your structure strong is called fascia tissue. However, due to injury, deep wounds and stress, it can become tensed and restrain your movement, nerves, and blood flow. But this device is a great way to reverse that so you can regain your natural range of motion.

The Device Can Even Benefit The Overall Nervous System
Your body and mind communicate in order to maintain overall wellness. But when muscles and connective tissues within the spinal and neck area tightens, the natural flow of communication in your nervous system get disrupted, which may lead to a lot of health problems. This device can loosen those tightened areas to let your body function properly.

The Vibracussor Can Alleviate The Pressure
Allergies cause your lymph system to become swollen and irritated and affect your immune system’s ability to function properly. The vibracussor can target this area specifically to alleviate pressure so that your immune system can restore full power.  

The Vibracussor Has Also Been Used For Hand And Foot Remedies
Your hands and feet are constantly used in everyday activities; this is why there are times that they feel painful or tired. If the typical massage doesn’t make you feel better, the vibracussor might. This is because this device can penetrate deeper tissue of wide variety of muscle and joint receptors with higher frequency that the hands cannot.