Top 7 Tips To Keep Moving Even If You’re Seated Most Of The Time

We probably all know by now that sitting for extended period of time is bad for our health. However, we have to accept that nowadays that’s the position we would be mostly in due to the kind of jobs people generally have and the lifestyle that we’ve all evolved to be living.

This is sad, yes. But while we can all try to be clever with how we stay active to counteract the effects of sitting, know that the chair will have to be a constant companion.

So the question is, is there no other way? Of course there is, you may be propped in the chair most of the time, but you can still keep your body moving.

Yes, it’s called dynamic sitting! So basically, you inject small movements even as you go on your deskbound activity. Compared to static sitting, this keeps your body from being completely sedentary which could and would cause a lot of health issues more than you can imagine.

There may be chiropractors in Singapore that can help you correct your posture, relieve the pains accompanied with prolonged sitting, treat spinal injury or disorder you may have developed overtime and prevent them from coming back, still, you need to make effort at your end. Here are some tips to practice active sitting.

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1. Stretch Your Arms     
Interlock your fingers in both hands, and stretch your arms over your head as high as you can. This should help loosen the stiffness in your arms as well the shoulders from typing throughout the day.

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2. Roll Your Neck

Don’t you find yourself rubbing your nape during the day when you’re on the computer? That’s because of the tension building up as you maintain the same position for too long. To ease that a bit, you can make circular motion with your head.

3. Shake Your Legs

When you sit all day, don’t be surprised if your legs become rigid or numb at some point. What you can do is straighten them in front of you and do scissors movement with them.  

4.  Squeeze Your Butt

Okay, so you’re literally pressing the muscles, nerves, and ligament in your butt and hips down as you stay seated. This is why after a couple of hours or so you start feeling some soreness around that area. Work it out by clenching or squeezing the muscles in your butt like how you would when you do squats.

5. Change Your Leg Position From Time To Time

Do you like to cross your legs when you sit? Keep them from being tender by switching legs or resting both the legs from side to side.

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6. Roll Your Feet

Just like how you roll your wrist when it starts getting tired, you can do that with your feet too. Lift on feet off the ground then use your ankles to move them in circular motion.

7. Circle Your Hips And Pelvis

Do this by acting like you're using a hula-hoop, except there’s no hula-hoop and you're sitting down. This keeps the hips and pelvis from aching too much.