Top 10 Health Conditions Chiropractic Care Can Help With

Chiropractic care corrects spinal alignment abnormalities as a means of treating a wide range of health problems. Here are some of those conditions.

1. Migraine

There are times when you don’t know where and how the headache came out. But with cervical spine adjustment the pressure from the joints in the area will be released which will help ease the intensity of the headache.

2. Posture Problem

Poor posture doesn’t just lead to back pain and other related injury, but it also affects your digestive tract, confidence and stress level. The first step to correcting your posture is paying attention to it. Your chiropractor improves your condition through adjustments, exercises, and recommendation on proper positions.

3. Wrist Pain

Wrist pain can manifest itself in many ways, from simple weakness to searing pain. Chiropractic treatment may include adjusting the affected joint to restore proper functionality, immobilization (i.e. a splint), and cold or heat.

4. Pelvic Pain

Symptoms vary from person to person, but the pain can stay in one spot at the front of the pelvis or move around. Your chiropractor will evaluate your particular case and offer you a treatment plan based on your needs.

5. Pediatric & Geriatric Pain

Geriatric chiropractic offers modified adjustments and therapies for arthritis, posture, stiff joints, and injury from fall, neck and back pain that will suit your body type and age. Likewise, pediatric chiropractic is also suggested to children with acute and chronic conditions who seek chiropractic as alternative treatment.

6. Shoulder Pain

Shoulder pain can be due to joint irritation or tissue irritation. Chiropractic relief for shoulder pain can often be achieved through manipulation and other treatments.

7. Pregnancy

Chiropractic care offers a lot of benefits for pregnant women like controlling pregnancy symptoms, reducing labor and delivery time, and restoring pelvic balance.

8. Low Back Pain

Low-back pain is usually a condition that improves with self-care like warm compress or exercise. But there are times that it’s difficult to treat. Chiropractors use a technique called spinal manipulation to relieve low-back pain and improve physical function.

9. Knee Pain

The most basic daily activities like climbing the stairs or bending down to pick up the grocery bag can be difficult when you suffer from knee pain. A chiropractor will address the issues in and around the knee from the pain as well as look into other ailments that may have caused or contributed to it.  

10. Numbness

Many people have experienced tingling or numbness in their hands, arms, legs and feet which is often misdiagnosed. Seeking a chiropractor is your best bet to examine the entire length of the affected limb and determine exactly the cause of your symptoms.