Chiropractic Treatment- Is it safe?

The trend of treating pains with herbal remedies and massages have always been popular in Asian countries. Frequenting visits to the doctor nowadays has become a big no due to the increasing side effects of Allopathic medication. Singapore remains convinced of treating pain unorthodoxy and on budget and it is due to this cause that the trend of chiropractors is fast increasing in the country.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor can also be called a consultant who researches, analyzes and carefully monitors the displacement of muscles, spine and other such backbone problems thus ensuring a healthy and fit circulation system and bone structure. A chiropractor may be consulted if a patient seeks to lessen chronic pains felt on or around the region of the spine. Chiropractors are now fast becoming an alternative to expensive doctors in Singapore and they focus on the restoration of your health by exercise and manual relocation of your spine rather than heavy medication that might further harm your cause.

Types of chiropractors?

There are 2 classes into which the chiropractor Singapore could be divided. One of the main cause is the readjustment of the spine to its correct place once it has been slightly disposed. These are called the Chiropractors of the traditional type. The second type of Chiropractors Singapore consists of those who strive to help remedy and reduce pain in the cases where the pain is caused by the dislocation of spine i.e. they do not relocate the spine, but try to cure the side effects of spine dislocation such as head hurting, imbalanced circulatory system, back aches and knee sprains. This is known as symptom relief chiropractic.

What are common chiropractic practices?

Here are a few things that your Chiropractor would do once you decide to visit one in Singapore:

     1. Analyze:
Analysis of pain and check up.

     2.Dig into the past:
Observation of X-rays and past medical records of the patient.

     3.Decision making: 
Determining the level of damage to the patient’s body.

     4.Pain relief: 
Your muscles might be put at ease by professional and relaxing massage.

Careful exercises prescribed taking into consideration the formation of your bones and their strength.

     6.Chiropractic treatment: 
Pressure applied on specific spots to relocate the position of the spine, although it will be avoided if a patient has weak bones and a fragile anatomy.

Discussion of the intensity of your spinal displacement and professional advice.

     8.Do's and Don'ts: 
Precautions and warnings given as to which sitting and sleeping positions are to be avoided in order to prevent the case from getting worse.

     9.Careful medication
In very rare cases Allopathic pain killers might be suggested to fight the symptoms of spine dislocation.

Is chiropractic safe?

Singapore law insists on a chiropractor to have four years of specialization of Chiropractic studies after their graduation. So the first thing to notice is that a chiropractor is not an ordinary inexperienced person who just stands up and start claiming miraculous pain relief but is an educated and trained individual who is not going to make your spinal structure go even worse and more painful, but carefully determine the root cause of your pain and apply gentle pressure on carefully examined and calculated spot on your back. Thus, far we are in agreement that Chiropractic is a generally safe practice.

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