The Styles and Techniques of Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic is a field with diverse styles and approaches which can help you obtain a well-balanced lifestyle and positive outlook.

Palmer /Straight Chiropractic
Straight Chiropractic is one form of chiropractic that is use in today’s generation known to help the body heal and mend itself, adjusting the affected nerves. It is a pure hand procedure and not needing any kind of supplements or medicine.

Mix Chiropractic
Apart from straight chiropractic, mix chiropractic uses many kind of alternative medication such as acupuncture and other guide helping patients in treating their discomforts.
Mix chiropractic is the largest group of chiropractors in the industry who practices treatment and collaborate in clinic and hospitals.

Some other techniques that chiropractor use are:
  • The objective straight chiropractic bound themselves for only one mission, less medication and focuses only to modify the spine or so called vertebral subluxation.

  • The reform chiropractic  treats only musculoskeletal disorders. They don’t believe in the idea of body’s capability to heal itself so they use modern medical beliefs for the skeleton. They grow as the least from chiropractors.
  • The network spinal analysis is same as straight chiropractic, though they do adjustments by having a gentle move from the spine along the pressure that you can handle comfortably. They still do the traditional concepts in chiropractic care.
  • Applied kinesiology is well known by all professional in medication industry for they test the muscle’s capability and through resistance they were able to find the illness followed by internal diagnosis.

Other style that they might use according to one patient needs.
  • Hot and cold packs are commonly used by chiropractors depending on the nature of an injury.

  • Ultrasound is used to relax your muscles and have a pain free feeling by using some devise that project some waves either high or low energy sounds.
  • Infrared therapy was popularly use by chiropractors and other health professionals to penetrate the pain bringing you to a relaxed feeling.
  • Tens, a micro current between pads where patient will feel a gentle pulse and other electrical therapy technique is also use by other healthcare professionals. 
  • Trigger point therapy was also used by chiropractors in manipulating pain through pressing. This will be painful at first but continuously it will be diverted to a relieved feeling. 

Because of injuries in different types and reasons chiropractors found out many kinds of chiropractic styles and techniques to help maintain every individual a normal body function.

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