Colds, Flu and Chiropractic Care

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Colds and flu are common sickness that we experience in our daily lives. These illnesses are common during cold weather and sudden shift in climate. Let’s get to know how we acquire colds and flu and how we can avoid them.

This is caused by a virus that mainly affects the nose, sinuses, voice box and throat. Common colds are not accompanied by fever which separates it from other bacterial and viral respiratory infections. Common symptoms are drippy and stuffed nose, watery eyes, congestion and scratchy throat. These viruses do not make you sick but if the germs strive in a weak environment or immune system, that’s the time that you will most likely get sick.

Flu’s symptoms are commonly backache, fever, and runny nose and muscle soreness. It usually lasts for 3 days but it can sometimes lead to a more serious condition like pneumonia. Common medical treatments don’t really cure flu just like colds. When you try and lower a person’s fever down when he or she has flu, you are actually reducing the body’s defense system against the disease because it is the natural way of the body to fight the infection build up.

Chiropractic care doesn’t cure cold but it will increase the body’s natural resistance against the common cold. With regular chiropractic adjustment it will enhance your body’s ability to function well.  It promotes proper nerve flow throughout your body which heightens your natural resistance. If the stress on the nerves is cleared, the body functions at a much higher level than expected.

Chiropractors encourage people with flu and colds, even those who doesn’t have it to seek chiropractic care. Studies show nervous system and the immune systems are linked together. The nervous system controls the regulation of the immune system. A healthy spine means that the nervous system can function well and so is the immune system.

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Aside from seeking chiropractic care, you can build a natural defense against common cold and flu. You can take vitamin C, garlic, zinc lozenges and drink tea. You can also be in your great health by following the practices below.

Exercise – during cold weather, instead of lying cozily on your couch, you can do mild exercises or walk a little. It can improve your well being and break-up mucus to release feel good endorphins. Make sure that you are not over exerting yourself and not extremely ill or dizzy when conducting exercises.
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Reduce Stress – eliminate stress in your life. If you can’t fully eliminate stress, go through your life and take note of things that give you most stress and find a way to lessen its impact on you. Exercising and a healthy diet can help you deal with stress even more.

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Sleep – make sure that you get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep reduces your body’s ability to fight common colds and flu. If you feel that you are going to be sick, sleep more to rejuvenate your body.

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With a healthy and happy living, together with the three steps above and chiropractic care, your health can definitely at its best.