A View to Spinal Mobilization

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Chiropractic care is a method that uses natural way of adjusting the joints without any surgery, drugs or medical procedure followed. There are different ways of adjustments in chiropractic care. There are two types of chiropractic care; approach that uses force and a gentle approach. Spinal manipulation is the approach that uses force while spinal mobilization is the gentle approach.

Spinal mobilization is a movement of a spine’s segment. This therapy approach is used in some but not all patients. It depends on what the chiropractor sees fit for the person. Patients with the following cases choose or are recommended for spinal mobilization. 

People who have sensitive nervous systems benefits from this technique of adjustment mainly because it keeps the body from reacting too much and cause muscle spasms.
People with osteoporosis, bone pathology, some deformity and inflammatory arthritis. 
People who have acute stage of their condition and experiencing severe pain.

Why spinal mobilization is important? This method or techniques will free up all the joints in your back, loosen and stretch your back’s muscle, relieve pain and improve your body posture. Rehabilitation for your back pain will be much quicker if you start undergoing spinal mobilization. There are different types of spinal mobilization that a chiropractor can choose from. Below are the most common and gentle spinal mobilization.

Activator – this is a tool that can be held by hand. It has a spring manual tool that provides a low force impulse. The patient needs to lie down facing down on a adjustment table. The chiropractor will perform a muscle testing. Using the activator device, the chiropractor will now adjust the spine or the extremity of the joints.

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Cox Flexion Distraction is another type of spinal mobilization. This is a gentle non-force adjustment technique that will help the spine to heal naturally. This technique is performed in a special table that has moving parts. The chiropractor can adjust the different sections of the table to apply gentle pressure on the affected area. This technique is usually slow and without any undue pressure.
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The Thompson technique is where the chiropractor will press down on a specific part of the spine taking advantage of the gravity to do the adjustment. This table is specially made for this type of method and has different sections that can be raised and dropped according to the adjustment.

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But no matter how many chiropractic techniques there may be, they only goal is to provide natural relief and enhance the joint function of our body.